Metallic paint compatibility

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Metallic paint compatibility

Postby alexh » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:17 pm


I'm restoring some painted furniture using ML Campbell solvent based pre cat tinted products. The original finish on these items typically has a some gold striping on the beads and grooves. At the widest they are about 1/8". I would apply this with an artists brush after the topcoat and probably spray clear afterwards.

I have used Blue Pearl metallic for other projects but these are acrylic water based so I'm concerned about compatibility. The only other oil based source I can think of is artists oil colors. Also, there are metallic paints for model makers but they are usually water based.

Any suggestions? Is the water based over oil really a problem at this small width?

In my experience the most important factor in water based over oil is that the base not be gloss or semi-gloss - the rougher the better and of course I can sand the base lightly if I top coat clear.


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