New to refinishing trouble with final coat Sheen

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New to refinishing trouble with final coat Sheen

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I am new to the world of refinishing The majority of my work has been in home repairs. I am trying to break into the world of refinishing, because there seems to be a great need for it in my area.

My equipment is a Kremlin air mix system, and an m-22 (i havent used th m22 yet). The gun I am using for the airmix setup is a MVX 60,and i spray Mohawk, and lenmar precat.

The first table I refinished was an oak round table, which turned out fantastic. The customer wanted a flat finish. The method i used was 2 mist coats with high gloss a light scuff sand with 400 grit then 3 coats with gloss to build up then I flat sanded most of the imperfections out, and applied three coats of 10 sheen flat, afterward I sanded it entirely flat, and applied one last coat. I let the coat sit for an hour and it dried to a nice flat sheen.

The next tables i refinished where indian rosewood i used a similar method and it turned out just fine They where finished in semi gloss.

Ever since then however i have been unable to get any thing to dry to a flat sheen. I have cleaned the gun repeatedly.

My booth is home made It is 12x14 feet, The fan which is no where big enough its 10 inch explosion proof, does little in pulling out the overspray and the booth gets dirty quick. could the environment be my problem? I believe I am mixing my lacquer well.

Also do you generally thin down any coats that you spray any help would be greatly appreciated.
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