Changing color of teak finish

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Changing color of teak finish

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I had a few pieces of teak furniture and recently bought two other pieces to use in the same room. Unfortunately the color doesn't match that closely (Please see attached picture; old piece on the top, new one on the bottom). I'm looking for advice on the best way to have the pieces match (at least more closely than they currently do). Note that the lighter (more golden?) color pieces are the ones I already had and that the only finishing I have done to them is clean with Endust every few months.

A couple thoughts I have
- Try using teak oil (I have some Zinolin) and apply to both the new and old pieces. Am tempted to apply with steel wool on the older pieces since I'm not sure how the Endust might affect the oiling.
- Pick out some kind of oil that has a tint to affect the color and apply to new pieces. I used Watco Danish oil with a mahogany stain for another project; maybe they have something with a yellowish tint?

Any ideas would be appreciated...

Ron Rappel
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