Newbie table edge issue

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Newbie table edge issue

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I have a fair amount of wood working experience and finishing new pieces; however, refinishing is new to me. I took possession of a dining table that is in need of said refinishing. As I tested one corner, I noticed that the sides of the table top are not simply stained or laminate: they appear to have some sort of putty applied (I assume to cover the end grain) and perhaps an artificial "grain" applied?

As I think I have already passed the point of no return (any Kansas music fans here?), I am not so much concerned on replicating this original look as how best to deal with it? My thought is to paint this with maybe a gloss black to give separation of the surface from the lower side boards/skirt. To that end, should I feather what has already been removed to the existing finish, or completely remove this... whatever it is? Auto body putty was my first thought. I've not ever seen this. So, no, it is not any heirloom piece or any such thing, and most likely a relatively inexpensive piece. I like the surface wood pattern and would like to make the top look great once again -- without having to worry about the end grain showing and hopefully without adding more work than is necessary. ... m-gz89ygg9 ... r-2t8w3467
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Re: Newbie table edge issue

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This comes down to a matter of taste.

You could try the following:
1) taping off the center area and applying a pigmented stain over the edge/perimeter area. The first link below offers a variety of different color stains.
2) Once dry for a couple days, tape off the edge areas so that the center can be touched up. I'd use a 'Tone Finish Toner". It's hard to judge color from a web pic, but you could start with 0387 'TONE FINISH TONER MEDIUM BROWN MAPLE'. The second link is to a source for this. ... r-enamels/ ... ish-toner/
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