Acacia kitchen worktop finishing problem

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Acacia kitchen worktop finishing problem

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Greetings experts...Noobie could use some help. My wife had Acacia worktops delivered for a kitchen we are building. I am aware of the risks but will move ahead. Here is the situation. Sadly the tops which are solid have a somewhat sad coat of linseed oil factory applied.

I am looking for maximum protection and I dont know if linseed is the best choice. There are a lot of products out there much newer. I dont think I can sand all the linseed oil off very easily (or can I ? ).

I dont know if I should do a light sanding and start adding coats of linseed and then putting on a top coat of something like Rubio Metallissant ...that is the french name. Its a top coat that can go over any oil and supposed to help with waterproofing/water resistance.

I do not know if I can give it a sanding and put a better product as an undercoat...

basically Im painted into a corner by factory applied linseed. I dont know if that is a problem or what I shoud do. Id like to have as much protection for the work top as possible and I want to be able to repair it so I dont want a thick coat of poly.

I read a lot about waterlox but first I cant get it in France, second, I have the linseed oil staring me in the face.

Please advise and have a great day.

Adding to this I got info from Rubio and Osmo. They both suggest I sand off the linseed. I dont know if people have tried Osmo wood wax thin as its made for Acacia type woods whereas Topoil at least says its not suggested. Rubio 2c looks interesting...expensive but interesting. But after all the work Im not going to sweat a few bucks if its the right way to go.
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