Help what should i do ?

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Help what should i do ?

Post by huarjim »

Hello, I did a big mistake spraying krud kutter on it to remove some goo now its dark and foggy
should i keep on sanding ?
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Re: Help what should i do ?

Post by AsonnyA »

Well, it was probably always dark under the goo. Removing the goo revealed the extent of darkness.

The fogginess may be the result of the Krud Kutter, but not sure. Krud Kutter is a cleaner, a degreaser. After the KK treatment did you wipe clean with a clean cloth, a wet/damp cloth? Wiping/rinsing may remove some of the fogginess. However, you mention "should I keep sanding". The sanding may be the cause of the foggy look.

That table has veneer and inlay on it. If you have sanded with anything rougher than 220 grit, then I would suspect it's the sanding that caused the fogginess, more so than the KK. Sand with 220 grit or finer. Sand with the grain as best you can. Is your intention to remove the finish, in order to refinish?

Do your sanding on the outer perimeter first.... get a good feel as to the extent of sanding needed. You want to make any sanding mistakes on the outer areas, not on the floral inlay areas. Once you have a good feel for sanding the veneer, once you've finished sanding the veneer, then work on sanding the floral inlay.

Reply or explain any of the above, otherwise I'm not sure what else to comment on.... what more to speculate on.

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