What is This Groove Around the Back of This Chair?

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What is This Groove Around the Back of This Chair?

Postby QuiteRandomMel » Wed Dec 23, 2020 12:06 pm

Hello!! I rescued this chair from the side of the road & I am trying to refinish it. Can anyone help me identify what the groove is that runs along the back of the chair? It's about 1/2 inches wide & 1/4 inches deep. Lots of little holes in it, perhaps from staples or tacks. Is this for decorative tacks? I am trying to make a frame for the back of the seat by hand, but I'm confused what role this little groove plays in the upholstery of this chairback. Any advice is welcome! Thank you :D

Sorry for the quality of the photos but unfortunately I had to downgraded the quality by a lot in order to meet the upload requirements. I can email higher quality pics if needed.
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