Help With Matching Stain

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Help With Matching Stain

Postby shell5656 » Mon Nov 09, 2020 12:12 pm

Hello, I would love advice on matching the stain of this table. It's a Lane midcentury coffee table I am refinishing. Here is the photo of what it looked like before I removed the stain. I'd like to get it back to around the same color:

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Bob Boardman
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Re: Help With Matching Stain

Postby Bob Boardman » Mon Nov 09, 2020 12:33 pm

What type of wood is it? Different woods take stain differently.
The majority of the work in matching a stain is making samples. If the wood on the underside of table is same as the top surface, use this as your 'sample canvas.

It's very difficult to match color from a photo, but first rule is always start with a color that's lighter than you want finished color to be. You can always add a second coat of your original stain to make color darker. Apply a coat of Sealcoat over your first choice. It dries quickly and prevents 1 stain from muddying the next stain. I'd start with some type of light cherry. Apply, let it dry. Apply a coat of Sealcoat over it, and when Sealcoat dries determine if you like the color, but want a darker shade, or you want a bit more of different color. As an example, do you want more or less red, or more or less brown, etc.
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