What to do with the worn out furniture?

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What to do with the worn out furniture?

Postby ola » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:22 am

Currently, I am living in Toronto, but have got a new job in Quebec. I will be moving there soon, and I have started packing my bags already. I will be giving my apartment for rent so have to clean up the mess before I leave. I am a vivid reader and hence have a lot of books, which I am going to donate to a library. There is an abundant amount of recycling materials, including stationery products that I have to send to a recycling facility. I hope before that the municipal trash collectors would come and take away those things. It would save me, an arduous task of taking all those to the facility which is miles away. Then there are some things which I am selling to a second-hand goods store. But I have no idea what to do with some big stuff. There is one sofa and furniture which are nowhere in a state to trade on a second-hand store. The furniture is made of teak and would be ideal for some other purpose. I was thinking of contacting disposal services for that. I hope they would take this stuff. I was just wondering if they would charge us based on the weight of the material. :-k I am sure it is pretty heavy and don't want to spend all the money on that. What did you guys do with your worn out sofas and furniture? Should I use furniture wood for some other purpose? What can I do with the wood? Please leave me some suggestions. Thank you.

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Re: What to do with the worn out furniture?

Postby AsonnyA » Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:31 am

Post it on Toronto's Craigslist. Take pics and post the pics, also. https://toronto.craigslist.org/

I'm sure there are other online "for sale" venues also. I think Facebook has a posting site, as well.


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