HELP! Parawood spots not grabbing stain.

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HELP! Parawood spots not grabbing stain.

Postby greenwellies » Sun May 26, 2019 11:22 am

](*,) First timer here!

We purchased a parawood dining table, bench and 4 chairs from a raw furniture store. The furniture was in pieces in boxes when we received it. We have finished the chairs and the bench. We are now working on staining the table top. First we sanded it with 220 block with the grain. Then wiped it with mineral spirits. After that we used a sponge brush to apply the Gerneral Finished oil based Gel Stain in Java. There are about 3 very obvious spots 1 inch in diameter that look blonde. These spots did not pick up the Java like the rest of the table top, bench and chairs. They are not parts of the wood natural look. They look like liquid stains almost that only became visible once it was stained. We are planning to seal with a General Finishes High Performance Satin Water Based like the bench and chairs but can't move any further until we fix those spots. I don't get it, everything came out great. What can we do to fix it? Please Help!

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Re: HELP! Parawood spots not grabbing stain.

Postby Bob Boardman » Tue May 28, 2019 8:18 am

I'd try the following

Sand the problem areas with a 100 or 120 grit paper. Then apply the stain and see if it gets absorbed by the wood. If so, and the area blends in with the surrounding area, apply 1 coat of finish to the problem area. Let dry over night, and scuff sand problem area with a 220 paper. Then apply 2 coats of your finish within the recoat time listed on the container over entire surface. Don't worry about the problem areas not being as smooth as rest of top. Let dry overnight. Then LIGHT sand all areas with a 320 or 400 wet/dry paper, going with the grain. You should end up with a smooth surface. Remove dust and apply a 3rd coat to entire surface.
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