Hammond Suzuki Super B frame refinishing

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Hammond Suzuki Super B frame refinishing

Postby rlgiardino » Thu May 16, 2019 11:23 am

I've taken on a repair/refinish of the lower support frame of a Hammond Suzuki Super B organ. To repair the wood damage required stripping the original stain and clear coat. The structure is walnut. The original stain finish had a red tone to it. It looks like it could be Red Mahogany stain was used on the walnut. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on re-staining a Hammond product? All suggestions welcome. Any help right now is appreciated.

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Re: Hammond Suzuki Super B frame refinishing

Postby AsonnyA » Thu May 16, 2019 3:44 pm

You might ask Hammond - http://hammondorganco.com/
There's a dealer locator on their site.... might be one in your area - http://hammondorganco.com/dealers/

There is the possibility that Hammond doesn't make their own cabinets, but contracts some other company to build their cabinets. In that case, contacting the maker might help.

No matter what, more likely you will have to experiment with different shades of stain. As mentioned below (link), old stain recipes are hard to match.
https://organforum.com/forums/forum/ele ... ond-stains

Google around, you might find something more specific to your needs.


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