Window Replacement: Need Suggestions

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Window Replacement: Need Suggestions

Postby DanielleMantooth » Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:20 am

Hello, my name is Danielle.
I moved to Toronto four years ago when I got a new job.
Since the job is really good and it's paying me really well, the next thing in bucket list was buying a house.

So, last month I bought a house near my office! But, I would like to do some renovation works before moving. But I'm not doing a complete remodelling, just some minor fixes and I will have to change the windows. The old windows lost the insulation so I will have to pay too much on energy bills.

When I searched for good quality and energy efficient windows, I found Verdun windows from a website and I think it's good. But, don't know much about Verdun windows. If you guys know more about Verdun windows, please help me. Is it suitable for all type of rooms?
Also if you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

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Re: Window Replacement: Need Suggestions

Postby AsonnyA » Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:07 pm

Need to be more specific about your window units.... terminology!

Are you considering replacing the whole window unit (frame and sashes) or just the sashes? Is it the whole window unit that the surrounding (wall) insulation has been compromised... or is it that you have double paned sashes that has lost the seal (argon gas) between the 2 panes?

Insulated sashes are usually double paned, with argon gas sealed between the panes.

If you have single pane sashes and you want insulated sashes, then most window companies offer a sash kit, for replacing just the sashes. These sash kits accommodate replacing single pane units with double pane (insulated) units. This way, you wouldn't have to replace the whole window unit (frame and sashes). If replacing just the sashes, they need to come out and measure your window units. There are specific measurements needed. Don't allow a company to describe to you over the phone "how to measure". You ain't gonna do it right, and even if you did, the company can always say it's your fault, if something isn't right. A reliable company will insist on they coming out and measuring your windows, for either replacing the whole units or just the sashes.


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