Inherited mid century danish teak, don't know how to refinish, your kind assistance please :)

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Inherited mid century danish teak, don't know how to refinish, your kind assistance please :)

Postby northman » Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:25 pm

hello all,

I'm new here. I just inherited a bunch of mid-century danish/sweedish
teak indoor furniture. I'd like to clean them up and restore them a
bit but I know next to nothing about the subject. I've studied the
subject a little but i'd appreciate some help.

I have a desk, a stereo cabinet, a dining table with two expandable
leaves, a serving trolly and a few chairs. They all look to have oil
finishes on them. The desk and the tea trolly are veneered for sure,
not certain about the table or stero cabinet.

everything is in reasonable shape I suppose, the tops of most things
need refinishing though, plants have been kept on them and theres some
water damage. I'm leery to sand them because some are veneered. All
the furniture is dirty and hasn't been cleaned or oiled for original idea was to "wash" everything in mineral oil or
turpentine using 0000 steel wool to clean everything, then use the
gentlest grade of sand paper to work the tops of everything clean, and
then just oil everything a half dozen times. I want to use "real" teak
oil, and I found some without laqueur that I think i'm happy with.

One of my concerns is that the oil these pieces currently have on them
might not be teak oil but something else and if I choose a piece and then
strip some of it off and not other parts, and then oil the piece
afterwards , the two oils won't match. Is that possible? I only ask
because i've come to appreciate teak very much and have seen some very
nice pieces and i've noticed that some oiled teak furniture is honey
gold in color, much like my stero cabinet, and other teak furniture
(most) has a kind of oiled brown tobacco look to it. Are there 2
different kinds of teak, or is this just 2 different kinds of oil? I
rather like the honey brown look.

My other idea is to just play it safe and baste everything with a
furniture stripper, wipe it off, clean any residue with turpentine, do
some light touch up sanding and then oil everything from scratch..this
would be more work, but the wood would be clean of dirt and ready to
accept new oil and it would hopefully clean up the damaged top
surfaces of everything without the need of too much extra sanding.
Then I'd just oil everything.

I've enclosed photos, I'd be greatfull for any help. I've never
refinished furniture before, not properly. If you recomend
some products could you kindly enclose the brand name? I wouldn't care
to get something unsuitable or innefective.

thanks very much in advance.


p.s. I could email better photos to anyone if they like.
20181228_171156_opt.jpg (25.3 KiB) Viewed 430 times
20181228_171234_opt.jpg (22.6 KiB) Viewed 430 times
teak all.JPG
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