Masking off in detail

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Masking off in detail

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Hello ! I have come upon another sticking point , and in striving for perfection . I am' seeking out some assistance.

I'am in the process of refinishing a Mahogany table that currently has beautiful intricate detail carving designs thru-out the table-top , as well as, a single column center leg accented with these same designs running vertical up and down column table leg.

I want to apply stain and varnish thru-out the entire piece and would like to mask off and fill the carving cavities to protect the designs, while I finish the broad sections without distrubing the designs itself.

I would like any advice on what can be used to give a professional job.

I have tried taping off or masking tape but the piece is too small intricately to cut into such small piece to cover these strips and curves in the design.

I have been thinking of filling the intricate carving with a liquid frisket or some sort of liquid masking fluid, much like the kind used in art finishings .
And then applying with a syringe , much like the type that is used when applying a two-part epoxy glues between chair post or leg rest.

Anyone having info for thought and assistance please, feel free to comment.

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