Refinishing a midcentury teak veneer sideboard

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Refinishing a midcentury teak veneer sideboard

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I'm refinishing a mid century teak veneer sideboard. So far I've stripped the entire piece to bare wood. There were some black speckled marks on the doors which looked like surface mould (not sure that would be likely but that's what they looked like). I used oxalic acid and the marks disappeared. So far so good. After sanding I applied two coats of Osmo hard wax oil. With the second coat the marks have reappeared.

Any idea what they could be? I'm reluctant to repeat the stripping/sanding process because it's veneer.

I've attached a photo where you can just seeing the spots in the centre strip of the veneer.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Refinishing a midcentury teak veneer sideboard

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You're correct - it is mold. Oxalic acid cleans wood and mold spots, but it doesn't remove them as bleach would. Both products clean and bleach the wood, but chlorine bleach actually kills the mold in the wood not just the surface spots. Oxalic doesn't, that's the reason it's reappearing. Unfortunately you probably have to remove the Osmo and apply a chlorine bleach.
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