White water marks on veneer piano lid

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White water marks on veneer piano lid

Postby forgottenlife » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:26 pm

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to get some advice so thanks in advance. While moving my old grand piano, unfortunately water got into the wrapping and caused some damage to the lid. It caused patches of white water marks on the surface. On the edge of the lid the damage is more severe and has stripped the layer of varnish to reveal the wood underneath. It has also caused a small part of the top veneer to come off the actual lid.

I tried rubbing petroleum jelly on to the affected areas as mentioned in various posts. It helped in the least damaged patches, but unfortunately did not improve the rest. I would be really grateful if anyone could suggest any remedies? Many thanks!




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Re: White water marks on veneer piano lid

Postby Bob Boardman » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:44 am

For the areas with white marks, you have water in the finish. For areas where there is no finish either stain or finish (can't tell from pics) will be required

For white marks, try the following in this sequence:
1) Use a hair dryer set on low and blow it over the damaged area
2) if that doesn't work try rubbing vegetable oil (it's lighter than petroleum jel) on the area. Rub with a bit of pressure, then let it sit over nite. If now better, then
3) Using a motion of plane coming in for a landing, touching down, and then quickly taking off again, dampen (not wet) a clean cloth with some alcohol and use over white spots

For areas with no finish, you should see a pro. If you wanted to try a possible fix, get a product called 'Howard's Restora-finish' from hardware or paint store, in a shade that matches the piano
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