Help with Color Adjustment

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Help with Color Adjustment

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I fear the "point of no return" is very near and would appreciate any suggestions for helping me adjust my coloring.

Project Background: Refinishing dining room chairs.
Backs are walnut veneer ply, seal coated with Zinsser seal coat shellac only. (my local Woodcraft thought one side might be mahogany becasue of the straight graining but wasn't sure, (the straight grain is only on that one back side which we didn't know at the time))

Frames are white oak, stained to match the clear finished backs.

Steps taken to date:

I bought a sample of white oak to "test" on but the chairs had a different tone to them from the start (I stripped them but did not bleach) and I did by best to replicate that tone and seal before starting with actual color testing. Minwax Fruitwood was very close but the grain in places appeared more black. Possibly from a previous applied dye?

1. Stripped the chair frames with Citristrip.
2. Washed (wiped) with mineral spirits.
3. Sanded with #150 grit.
4. Washed with mineral spirits.
5. Applied a 50-50 mix of Minwax Colonial Maple and Puritan Pine
6. Light sand with #320.
7. Applied 50-50 wash of denatured alcohol and Zinsser seal coat. (to keep the grain from getting more pronounced.)
8. Applied a 50-50 mix of GF gel stain in Candelite and Colonial Maple.

I tried various different combinations with many other stain colors but they were getting too brown and didn't have the carmel/orange undertone.

Right now, I feel the "orange" hint is just a little strong. I want the orange/carmel undertone but don't want them getting "darker". I think they need to be "toned down" with a light milk chocolate? I was thinking about a coat of GF nutmeg?

Hopefully, there is still hope........I've been trying to "sneak up on the color" but am getting a little worried.

I'm not getting an exact match on my test samples at this point so I don't think it's doing much good.

If your experience and knowledge with these color products can offer any suggestions, please pass them on......

This has been such a great resource for thanks again......
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