Oil Stain - or not...

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Oil Stain - or not...

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Howdy all;

I asked as a side note on a post below (Old Oak) regarding the removal of an oil stain. Bob suggested dumping corn starch on it and waiting a few days...nothing.

I'm not convinced I know what the spot is. Its in the wood, it seems like light oil (about 3" by 5"), it seemed to want to bleed out better with mineral spirits than naptha, but I can't seem to make headway with it.

An old hand here in town suggested that it may be dry rot ("dang water will keep coming out"). I've seen dry rot a hundred times and this does not seem right - the wood is solid on both sides.

I'm thinking of hitting it slowly with a heat gun just to see if I can eek out some more liquid, but don't want to bake anything in.

Does anybody here have an idea? How can I figure out what this may be and/or more tricks to pull it out. Worst case would be to seal it in I suppose, but if its water based, I wonder if shellac would do the job.

Thanks much, K
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