What to do next?

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What to do next?

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This Mahogany cabinet top needs restoring. For sake of ease I tried restore-a-finish in the Mahogany color. The top is marginally better but definitely still needs work. Can I stain over top of the RAF? Should I try a darker color of RAF? I cannot move this cabinet out of my kitchen unless I wait til spring. Would like an easy solution for now. Thanks.
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Re: What to do next?

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You could try a darker shade of RAF - that would be easiest.

If results aren't satisfactory, you probably have a lacquer finish (possibly what is often called a "varnish" finish). I'd test to see if this is a lacquer finish. (there are numerous posts on this site telling you how).
- If it's lacquer you have more options, but you should test a water base lacquer to see how well it adheres to existing finish. If no problems, then get WB lacquer and go online to find a dye thats compatible with WB Lacquer. You can add the dye (any shade you like) to the lacquer and apply
- If it's 'varnish' or poly, you'll probably have to strip old finish off

If you use WB (water base) stain on top of an old stain without testing compatiblity, you probably won't have good results
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